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What is csPorter?

csPorter is a framework that can achieve 100% automatic porting of C# source code to other native programming languages such as C++. 


Complete Porting Control

Control the translation of exact language constructs either by using global rules or via attributes placed in the C# code.

csPorter Support API

csPorter provides a pre-compiled library to be used with the ported code. API emulates .NET types & handles memory.

Ease of Usage

Schedule porting tasks by writing CLI scripts or use GUI to manage workspaces with several inter-dependent projects.

Product Showcase

csPorter for C++


Building a solution for fully automated code porting is complicated & resource consuming but once built and perfected, such systems can benefit the continuously improving large applications.

csPorter team has developed one such solution to convert C# codebase to C++. csPorter for C++ is most suitable for the organizations who are maintaining their software in C# but wish to release the C++ equivalent on regular basis.

  • Source code to source code
  • API preservation
  • Type system reproduction
  • Memory management model
  • Ported code overriding
  • Satisfying external dependencies